It’s no secret that we are all striving for that perfect, healthy, glowing skin, right? Skincare has become such a big factor in our beauty routines because having good skin makes us more confident in ourselves and ready to take on the world. I mean, your face is the first thing people see when they meet you so why wouldn't you want it to be as healthy and radiant as possible? Here are some tips to having healthy skin that will make you absolutely Love Yourself!

Healthy Diet

1. Healthy diet

This tip is one that works from the inside out. Putting the right nutrients in your body makes a world of a difference in your skin!

  • Drink a ton of water. It helps flush out your body of toxins and keeps your skin hydrated and alive!
  • Eat a lot of fruits and veggies. Berries have a ton of antioxidants that will help clear your skin and brighten, watermelon will keep the skin hydrated and glowy, and broccoli contains a ton of vitamin C which improves fine lines and discoloration of the skin.
  • Cut back on sugar and dairy. These make the skin oily and have been said to cause breakouts.
Protect Your Skin

2. Protect

Protecting your skin from the sun is the key to keeping the skin looking young. Staying out of the sun keeps you from getting wrinkles, age spots and most importantly skin cancer! So do yourself a little favor and take these steps.

  • SPF.Use an spf of at least 15 on your face, neck, and chest everyday.
  • Shades and hats.Wearing large sunglasses won’t just help protect your skin from sun, it will also help prevent wrinkles because you won’t be squinting from the sun all day. Wearing a hat is a great way to keep your face in the shade all day long.

3. Cleanse

Keeping your skin clean is a forsure way to keep it healthy and avoid breakouts. Cleanse your skin morning and night to remove any and all impurities. Cleansing the skin helps unclog pores that fill up with makeup and dirt throughout the day. Having good hygiene with your skin will not only keep your skin clear but also make you feel fresh and happy, a great form of self care.


4. Exfoliate

Your body is constantly shedding skin cells and if you don’t remove them it will cause your skin to look dry and dull. When you don’t exfoliate the dead skin from your face it prevents all of your other skincare products to penetrate the skin and they don’t work as well. Using an exfoliator on the skin 2-3 times a week will remove that dead skin and make you GLOW!


5. Hydrate

The absolute KEY to healthy, glowing skin is to keep it hydrated! Moisturizers, serums, mists, and masks can help give your skin the ultimate glow! Don’t be afraid of keeping the moisture in your skin it will help keep it from looking dull and dry. Make sure you are using at least one hydrating product every morning and night to ensure your skin keeps that glow!

Overall, you want to make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle and nailing down a skincare routine that works best for you! Finding out what your skin loves will truly make all of the difference. Plus, it’s a great excuse to have a self-care night, every night!

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